Diversifying your growth strategy.

Facebook and Google Ads are no longer enough to ensure long-term eCommerce success. Forward’s not-for-profit startup studio works with companies to find predictable long term growth. Hear how we worked with BedFolk to find and fund new growth channels and optimise their strategy.


Let’s design the future

Seyi, a design engineer, and Daniela, an industrial designer, are the perfect founding team for this product and company. The two met whilst studying at the RCA, then spent two years working together at Jaguar Land Rover - where Gravity Sketch was just a passion project.

Introduced to the team by our network, we were overcome both by what they’d achieved with such finite resources, but also their grand vision for the future of design. Our in-house capability in growth and sales made Forward not only a clear value add to the team, but an obvious choice to lead their round.


Growing up for growth

The team had done an exceptional job on sales before being funded by Forward, but with Seyi needing to now focus on his leadership role as CEO, it became important to formalise a sales capability in the team.

Forward placed an enterprise sales coach at Gravity Sketch - who helped the team understand their value prop and the role of sales - then working closely with the team to build out the materials required to guide and inform the practices of future sales hires.

Forward worked with the Gravity Sketch team and used our extensive network to help them identify and make key sales hires, quickly leading to building out a portfolio of big brand clients.

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